How to Write a Song

As a song writer, your ultimate goal should be to write solid, usable music. A music composer doesn’t write half a song and call it whole. Over the next few minutes, we’ll discuss how to write a song by using some of my personal favorite tips.

Generic music is a nightmare for any song writer and music composer no matter who you are. We all want to be innovative and creative in all aspects of our music. Generic songwriting can stem from no practice and no exercising of the mind. Settling for just anything just to get it finished is a good way of falling in generic music writing. We have constantly practice and exercise our writing mind. If something is becoming monotonous then stop it and come back later with a fresh approach.

Ideas for how to write a song can come from other place aside from emotions. Sometimes fusing a style together or mixing typically slow lyrics over a fast beat or just trying anything out of the ordinary can be inspirational as well. You may not come up with anything usable but then again you may. Figuring out how to write a song can come from an wide variety of places, not just emotions and experiences.

Everyone knows that friends and family are most likely to be honest about your music. If you want an honest judge of how good your writing is going, then run it by these people. Take into consideration all that they say, regardless of if it is positive or negative. Sometimes as a song writer, we can get tunnel vision or hearing in this case so it is nice to take a step outside the tunnel and hear what others have to say.

Believe it or not, one of my tips for every song writer is to keep yourself healthy. This is a strange tip but your brain needs fuel to operate at it’s highest level. A music composer needs a healthy brain to write great music and that comes from being physically as healthy as you can. Get good sleep and eat right because psychologically this is the best thing for you. If you do this, you will find that you will be able to work more efficiently and for longer periods of time before burning out.

Music theory is a powerful tool for every music composer but you don’t have to be overly technical. Yes, music should fit together and sound great but don’t force yourself to follow set rules. Adding different chords or unusual sounds to your music can benefit your overall sound greatly.

Lastly, when working on how to write a song, think of textures. Every single instrument, melody, harmony or vocal has texture. Keep all this in mind when brainstorming and writing. Music is full of an infinite variety of sounds and all the world is your stage.

As a song writer, your possibilities are truly endless. Make sure you really concentrate on creating exciting and stimulating textures for your songs. The idea is to stand out and be creative as possible. Being a song writer and music composer is supposed to be fun so take breaks if you feel burnt out or overworked so you can keep the fun and excitement alive in your music.

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